Take Me To The River: New Orleans

The Rhythm of ‘Take Me to the River’

2019: NOLA

‘Delve into the vibrant musical culture of New Orleans with our project, Take Me To The River: New Orleans. Celebrate the rich musical history, heritage, and cross-cultural influences that formed this unique cultural jewel.


Our documentary illustrates the resilient spirit of New Orleans, spotlighting the collaborative bond between legacy musicians and today’s stars in creating timeless music.


Explore albums that encapsulate the essence of New Orleans, showcasing the city’s diverse musical landscape and its influential legacy.

Make a Difference Today

Be Part of the Musical Journey

We invite you to join us in this musical odyssey. Whether you are a fan of Memphis and New Orleans music, an educator, a musician, or simply someone who believes in the power of culture, there is a place for you in the ‘Take Me to the River’ family. Together, we can keep the music playing for generations to come.



Be a Beacon of Cultural Preservation

Your Generosity Illuminates the Path for Future Musicians!

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