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Welcome to Our Educational Journey

Learning Through the Legacy of Music

Embark on an educational adventure with ‘Take Me to the River.’ Our programs delve into the rich musical and cultural history of Memphis and New Orleans, offering unique learning experiences for students and educators. Explore the rhythms, stories, and impact of the music that shaped generations.

For Students

Experiencing History Through Music: Students can explore interactive learning modules, engage in creative projects, and participate in contests and events. Our student-focused resources make learning about music history an exciting and immersive experience.

For Educators

Tools to Ignite Musical Passions: We provide educators with comprehensive resources to incorporate music history into their teaching. Our materials are aligned with educational standards and are designed to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and a deeper understanding of cultural heritage.

Making the world a better place

We collaborate with schools, cultural institutions, and music educators to expand our reach and impact.

Our educational initiatives are designed to inspire and inform. We offer:

  • Interactive Workshops: Dive into the world of blues, jazz, and soul through hands-on sessions led by musicians and historians.
  • Curriculum Resources: Access a rich collection of educational materials tailored to integrate music history into diverse subject areas.
  • Virtual Classrooms: Engage with artists and experts in live virtual sessions, bringing the essence of Memphis and New Orleans into classrooms worldwide.”

Echoes of Generosity

Your Donation Resonates in the Heart of Music History!

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